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  • Rush : Ghost Of A Chance

    Like a million little doorways All the choices we made All the stages we passed through All the roles we played For so many different directions Our separate paths might have turned With every door that we opened Every bridge that we burned Somehow we find each other Through all that masquerade Somehow we found […]

  • Rush : Circumstances

    A boy alone and so far from homeEndless rooftops from my windowI felt the gloom of empty roomsOn rainy afternoons. Sometimes in confusionI felt so lost and disillusionedInnocence gave me confidenceTo grow up against reality. All the sameWe take our chancesLaughed at by timeTricked by circumstances Plus ça changePlus c’est la même choseThe more that […]

  • Rush : Losing It

    The dancer slows her frantic paceIn pain and desperation,Her aching limbs and downcast faceAglow with perspirationStiff as wire, her lungs on fire,With just the briefest pauseThe flooding through her memory,The echoes of old applause.She limps across the floorAnd closes her bedroom door… The writer stare with glassy eyesDefies the empty pageHis beard is white, his […]

  • Οργασμός εν ώρᾳ εργασίας

    Ηρεμήστε ρε. Δεν ήταν οργασμός ούτε του είδους που θα προτιμούσα, ούτε εκ της αιτίας που ίσως να φανταστήκατε. Δηλαδή, από τη μια, δεν ήρθε ο Geddy Lee με το Xperia Arc στα χέρια για να μου το χαρίσει κι από την άλλη δεν προσπάθησαν να με βιάσουν μια ντουζίνα ρωσσίδες, βουλγάρες, ρουμάνες, κύπριες και […]

  • Rush – Natural Science

    1. Tide Pools When the ebbing tide retreatsAlong the rocky shoreline,It leaves a trail of tidal poolsIn a short-lived galaxyEach microcosmic planetA complete society A simple kind mirrorTo reflect upon our ownAll the busy little creaturesChasing out their destiniesLiving in their pools,They soon forget about the sea Wheels within wheels in a spiral array,A pattern […]