Psychotic Waltz – Freakshow

I’m a tripper man in a spaced out jam
Flying in the circus of a freakshow band
My ears are wings
They take me to my dreams
I close my eyes and I’m alone here singing

In this state of mind, I’m more than myself

I could reach up into the sky, colour in the sun
In the eyes of my imagination I can roll a bigger stone
I’ve cut the ties that build the rule of lies
And then I tripped away into the void

Lay down the gun that defends me
Cover me with a rose instead
My eyes see the deadland that surrounds me
But I can see the garden in my head
All is well

No wall will stand in my way
If they’re too tall, I’ll go beneath them
Cut me down, you’ll just go through me
Cut me down, you’ll just go through me
I am forever
I am forever I
And me you’ve never really seen
Even when I leave this face behind
There’s got to be another place to find
Where I really belong
Cause here I don’t belong
Here I do not belong

So I write this song of mine
To soothe my ears and ease my mind
And so another written page
Will turn into the everflow
Will no one ever really know about me
Should they even care

A strange little man
Racing all his bubbles to the surface of the universe
To see if he could swing out of his own mind
And as he looked behind, he realized what he had escaped
He thought that alone he would float out in space for awhile

Goddamn mother gonna try to take me down
Take a place in line
Just lead your pigs into the slaughter
Thank you perry for the idea man
Oh, by the way I want to meet you one day
Thank you for the way you sang to me

[Into The Everflow – 1992]

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